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Diana Menzies-Smith

Bowen Frozen Shoulder Tried and Tested

A big thank you to Helen Hamilton and Spirit and Destiny for trialing, testing and trusting me, Diana Menzies-Smith, to treat Helen's frozen shoulder with The Bowen Technique. This amazing article appeared in the November 2014 issue. The journalist reported as follows:

"My frozen shoulder began 10 months ago with tingling feelings in my left arm, followed by pain when I lifted my arm above shoulder height. Simple things, such as doing up a bra or taking off a top, were agony..."

"After the treatment, Diana measured my range of movement again, and I could move my arm 18cm further above my head than before. She gave me some daily exercises to do and within the next few days, I started to notice I could lift my arm above my head without any pain. My neck also felt looser."

"You are supposed to have three treatments, so I went back for a second a week later. My shoulder certainly feels less painful, and I'm hoping that another session might help me put on a bra again without too much difficulty!"

During the second session Helen was smiling as she could raise her arm up fully. She then reported that she no longer had shooting pains down her arm.

When I saw her again she could reach up her back to do her bra!

Bowen is gentle and non invasive and Bowen tested shows that improvement can be gained without resorting to invasive treatment.

We know Bowen works!

I just wanted to thank you so much for the Bowen treatment you have given me. I really feel you have given me my life back. I am able to do so much now that I couldn't do before without agony. 

My husband has been blown away. I cooked for all my family (20 people) and rushed about for my daughter's birthday, which normally I would be in a lot of pain by the end of the day and I was fine, just a bit achey. I spent all last week sorting and clearing the house and all weekend gardening. My back would never let me do that before. I would have been able to do about an hour and then need to lie down with a hot water bottle. It's pretty incredible to be honest!

Vicki Morganti

"I can highly recommend Diana who has helped me numerous times with Bowen." 

Annette Gardener 


"I did find your brief but extremely effective "taster treatment" at the U3A talk, highly successful; my arm is so very much better.  Thank you.  You are a true inspiration Diana and notably work with such ease, passion and joy.  Thank you so very much." 

Victoria L.

(After two treatments for forearm pain)

“Remarkable. Bowen treatment has been so powerful for me. When I left, I had a wave of exhaustion, my arm felt so heavy. That stayed with me for 48 hours. When driving, I did not want to use it. I didn’t feel like I wanted to do my normal yoga. The pain had completely gone. I have had pain for 2 years. I did a yoga class and felt fine. Now I am back to normal. In the morning it feels a little stiff and that I need to stretch with the exercises you gave me. That was really good for me. Interesting that you treated my shoulder for my forearm.

I have done lots of things to sort this out, acupuncture, cortisone injections, lots of physio. This feels the best it has felt. It is definitely working. My back feels fine, I have not had any twinges. I played golf this morning and going cross country skiing in two days.

Lisa Meade 

Back and Hip Pain

(After 2nd Bowen Appointment)

I don’t remember being so completely relaxed in all my life.  I was in and out of a dream state – somewhere else - and it is only first thing in the morning!"

Phillipa Reed

First Treatment of New Client with Hip and Thigh Pain: 

"Thank you so much Diana.  I am so grateful to have had this treatment. For the first time in 3 months I am feeling straight again.  I am so glad you did the pelvic procedure for my hip.  Feeling this change has given me such hope of resolving this problem for good.  I am so impressed by this technique.  Thank you so much for your support.  I am so grateful.  So nice to feel the weight on the flat of my right foot again.

After second treatment five days later:

Session was great.  I feel such a release in my piriformis and thigh muscle. Spot on again!! So grateful.  You have helped me so much in just a week.

So grateful.  It was a blessing to discover you are around the corner with such a gift in treating people using the Bowen technique.  It's really powerful stuff.

After third treatment five days later:

Despite you having such a busy day, you still found time for me.  I was so grateful as you have really released my hip further ... you are incredible and also so kind to offer me this time in your busy day.  Thank you Diana as you made such a difference today.  And my jaw is so light too!!! You are very intuitive, I am so lucky to have your support.  Thanks again for being there.


Back pain and painful thumb

“I thought you would like to know that we returned from three weeks in Vietnam on Tuesday and that I was back pain free the entire time in spite of the two long haul night flights and many hours travelling around by car. I also realised half way through the trip that my sometimes very painful thumb was not bothering me at all either.

You worked very hard to get me "sorted" and I am so grateful to you for all your care and professional analysis.”

Sheila Falconer

Frozen Shoulder

"I work in IT and met Diana when I was in agony with a frozen shoulder, terrible neck and back pain and my whole body overtaken by stress, aches and pains. After one initial session my stress levels started to dispel away, my frozen shoulder and neck pain retrieved and the best side effect - my energy levels soared and so did my happiness. I find Bowtech Therapy - a phenomenal technique that is amazingly non-invasive whilst resolving issues at the root and core.

Diana has a very professional yet warm approach that won me over instantly and after having attended the second session, I have decided to recommend Diana and Bowtech to others as well as trust her with my well being. Thank you Diana!"

I. Childs, Consulting Director

Knee Pain Testimonials

"Dear Diana

I would like to say a big thank you for taking away my pain. My experience yesterday was amazing, it’s like a miracle, I can’t believe that this could happen so quickly. For years I have been attending various doctors, consultants, physiotherapists etc. and none of them could help ease the pain like you. I wish I had known about the Bowen Treatment years ago .

Yesterday during the treatment I became aware of no pain in my right knee, it was such a wonderful feeling, if it stays I will just be in heaven. It's been years since my right knee has been completely pain free.

Last night I had the best night's sleep for years too and woke up this morning feeling refreshed and like a new person, I honestly can say it has been such a long time since I have felt this good. Also this morning my left knee and both feet are much better, I hope it lasts.

I can’t wait for my next treatment next week with you.

With grateful thanks."

Geraldine Gallagher

Another Bowen Knee Patient

"The day after Bowen I meant to text you and say that Diana you are a miracle worker!! My knee was so much better and it has continued to improve through the week.”  

Menieres Disease

"Thanks to the Bowen Technique, My Menieres disease was firstly bought under control, and then completely cured. I could feel the effects immediately after each session, sometimes having to take a moment to recalibrate, and I was amazed at how effective the science behind this technique helped. I would not hesitate to recommend to any sufferers of Menieres that they try at least just a couple of sessions."

Steve Cross


"You did me so much good yesterday, Diana and I thank God that you are in my life - especially at the moment! The headache was banished; whereas, usually, it might last at least another day.

I slept, though not brilliantly, so I feel armed and ready for whatever the day with my parents can throw at me which would definitely not have been the case if I'd felt like I did yesterday.

Can't thank you enough! Will be in touch with the results of the MRI scan and x-ray in due course. Ray feels so much better, too although he did wake with a bit of discomfort in the left shoulder again. Once he's up and about, that tends to dissipate."

Liz Hampton

Neck Pain

"Fate acts in mysterious ways..... I never thought for a second that I would stumble across the Bowen Technique.

My plan that day was a far cry from healing my neck which had plagued me for the last twelve months.

I simply want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the pain away. Thank you for listening and supporting me. Thank you for giving me back a pain free life without having to resort to analgesia which I was heavily reliant on.

Here I am three months post treatment completely recovered. I knew from my very first session with you Diana that you were going to make me better when I left your house after the first consultation and drove to the "T" junction at the top of your road and I was able to look right for oncoming traffic with ease. I was in shock because even driving had become stressful due to my reduced range of skull/neck mobility.

I can’t tell you what a difference the treatment has made to my everyday activities of daily living. I think of you often and from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank Diana for making such a huge difference to my life.

I sincerely hope that others will see how they can benefit from such a wonderful therapy.

I shall forever hold you in high esteem and as you know I come from a very conventional medical background and I was truly amazed at the results.

Many Thanks

Love Ann Parkes x "

Stress, Panic Attacks

I will always be extremely grateful to Diana for her support, thoroughly considered advice and professionalism, which helped me to recover from the physical and mental impact of a serious panic attack, brought on from working in a very stressful situation.

I believed I was managing the stress, until my body told me it had had enough! I suffered what I thought at the time was a heart attack, while in the office. I had chest pains, that were so strong I couldn’t move and intense pain in my left arm, making it impossible to move my arm, without support and had difficultly carrying or picking up anything.

Hospital checks showed that my heart was fine. My GP advised that the probable cause of my symptoms was stress and prescribed drugs which would help me to gradually relax. The drugs would ease the tension across by shoulders, neck and upper back, which would then help to ease the pain in my left arm. However, the consequences of taking the drugs would be that I may be ‘hooked’ on them and would need to gradually come-off the drugs over a period of time when I’d improved. This didn’t sound a great solution to me. I agreed with my GP that I would look at other options before taking the drugs.

I wasn’t aware of Bowen Therapy until it was suggested to me by a close family member. Unknown to me, she’d suffered from stress and the treatment had successfully helped her to improve, almost immediately.

I found details for Diana on the Bowen Therapy website. Reading her credentials and information on the Therapy gave me confidence to call her and check whether she was able to see me. My first appointment was the following day and I’ve just not looked back.

Diana explained in detail how the treatment would work and then asked that I complete a very wide-ranging questionnaire, providing a holistic overview of my health and well-being. Diana carefully listened while I explained my circumstance as we went through the responses together. Diana was very comforting and reassuring, checking several times that I fully understood the importance of each question and each step. Listening to me before conducting a head to toe physical assessment ensured that a tailored programme of treatments was put in place for me over a period of several weeks, to truly help me.

When administrating the treatment Diana constantly checked that I was totally comfortable with each move she made. At the end of the first treatment, I already felt I’d improved. I was tired and the next day I did feel as though I’d been ‘hit by a bus’, as my whole body ached, but importantly I also felt that a huge weight had been lifted. This proved to me that the treatment was working and having a positive impact.

As Diana worked on different areas of my body at each session, my whole body improved. Once she felt that my body was more aligned, only then did she target treatments on my painful upper body and arm, but by then, I’d already seen an improvement in the pain in my arm and freedom of movement from the previous sessions. The supporting exercises Diana also explained I should do, helped me to continue to improve between each treatment session.

I’ve learnt so much from Diana, as she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear. Diana is energetic, committed and so inspirational. I always looked forward to each session and I can’t recommend her enough! I have benefitted by becoming stronger in mind, as well as physically relieving the pain I was suffering. Her help and advice, will stick with me and so ensure I’m able to manage stress much more effectively and so prevent the extremely scary future panic attacks.

Bowen is not widely recognised by the medical profession or healthcare providers, so unfortunately is not a treatment that is covered by private medical insurance providers. Yet, as part of a wider holistic approach to helping someone who is suffering from stress and anxiety, I believe Bowen Therapy offers truly amazing results and benefits.

I’m so pleased that I received the Bowen Therapy to help me and did not take the drugs that are normally prescribed for those suffering from stress. Rather than feeling so physically and mentally well in weeks, I would potentially still be taking the drugs. Because of the positive impact that my GP has seen in me, she is interested in Bowen Therapy as a possibly support for other patients.

I would strongly recommend to anyone suffering from stress and anxiety, particularly if they are displaying physical symptoms from the tension, to include Bowen Therapy as part of their programme to help them to return to health."

B. Webb

"Bowen is subtle and mystical".

"You give the body information and the body decides what it is going to do with it."

"It changed my life and changed a lot of other people's lives."

"It did for me what Doctors and physiotherapy could not do."

"So subtle, it works on so many layers."

"Dynamic, deeply relaxing."

"Very powerful, very effective."

"Very challenging, people have to rethink about their body and their life. Bowen permeates the body and makes people think about how their body should be."

"I do congratulate you, because it must be you and not the Doctors. I haven't had a single stomach bloating or cramp for 6 weeks."

"It is amazing".


“I cannot believe that, after just one treatment, I feel so
different and I can’t wait to see you again next Wednesday.”

Maria Lonergan
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