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Maintenance as Opposed to Miracles News August 2011


Our thoughts and emotions can affect our nervous system, our digestive system, our respiratory system, our hormonal system, and our muscular and skeletal system. Everything is connected and interrelated, and that is why, as a Practitioner of The Bowen Technique, patients are treated holistically. The "whole of you" is treated, rather than just treating the resulting presenting condition.

Some patients arrive in acute or chronic pain, having tried medical and other complementary therapies.They may say, "You are my last hope".Some have said following Bowen treatment, that it is "miraculous"
Most patients respond after one, two or three Bowen sessions.Everything that happens to you is stored in the memory of each cell of your body. Your cells respond to every single thought you think and every word you speak. Our memories, our emotions and our spirits also need healing. The physical body is often the last place that "dis-ease" manifests itself.

On investigation there can be a connection with earlier circumstances, such as an accident; a difficult birth; severe childhood infection, such as Polio, Rheumatic Fever, Chicken Pox, etc. Symptoms sometimes recur when under stress later in life. It could be exposure to chemicals, in the womb, on a farm, from an occupation, or overzealous use of cleaning products.

When we are "out of sorts" our muscles can compensate, and stress and tension builds up. This can manifest within any of the "systems" in the body. You may have a "weak spot" where stress and tension "hits" you. Once you are aware that your body is reacting, or your muscles are tensing up, you may be able to prevent it by just releasing and letting go. Centre and rebalance yourself, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. On the in- breath, breathe in positive thoughts and on the out-breath allow any negativity to flow out through your feet. Feel the sense of calm and relaxation begin to return.

I do understand that taking time to focus on your breath will not solve all situations but it can help to make you feel good! Especially if you give yourself a hug too!

So, that is why "Maintenance as Opposed to Miracles" is advocated.

Appropriate Bowenwork with supporting Bowen exercises; Pilates; Yoga; Tai Chi; swimming; riding a bicycle; or whatever is suitable for whole body maintenance; can help you achieve as comfortable an existence as possible.

I shall be having a maintenance Bowen treatment on Monday! Good health is important to me.

Why don't you book in for a "maintenance" session as a preventative measure, on a monthly basis (or whatever time frame you need) as miracle cures are not always possible.

Call me!

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"Every Body is Better with Bowen"