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Inspire October 2012

The Olympics and the Olympic banners that adorned our lamp posts over the summer with the word "INSPIRE",  lead me to ponder further.  I offer you some reflections:-

Inspiration.  If you are settling for the mediocre, aim for the superb.          

Nutrition. Feed yourself with nutritious food, inspirational friends and books.

         Spend time in nature.             


S       Stretch yourself to fulfil all your potential and hold a mighty vision.  

         If you are settling for the mediocre, aim for the superb.       

         Let your spirit soar.


P      Positive thinking produces positive results.   

         Persevere, Practise and Pursue your dreams. Pray.


I       Innovation.  Invention.  Creativity.   

         Increase your  network.   

         Increase your self-worth,  knowledge, energy and fitness.

         Increase your "me" time.  Increase your time for meditation.   

         Inhale and breathe...   

         Gain insight, intuition, inner knowledge.         


R      Relax... Rejuvenate... Receive... Restore... Re-balance...Revise... Renew...  


E      Enable yourself to aspire to the great and glorious. Expand your comfort zones.  

         Explore your dreams. Energise your mind, body and spirit.  Enjoy your life!   


There's a good article about Bowen that appeared in the Irish Times today entitled,

"A holistic way to treat injury".  Why not just take a look!