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Bowen Frozen Shoulder Tried and Tested

A big thank you to Helen Hamilton and Spirit and Destiny for trialing, testing and trusting me, Diana Menzies-Smith, to treat Helen's frozen shoulder with The Bowen Technique. This amazing article appeared in the November 2014 issue. The journalist reported as follows:

"My frozen shoulder began 10 months ago with tingling feelings in my left arm, followed by pain when I lifted my arm above shoulder height. Simple things, such as doing up a bra or taking off a top, were agony..."

"After the treatment, Diana measured my range of movement again, and I could move my arm 18cm further above my head than before. She gave me some daily exercises to do and within the next few days, I started to notice I could lift my arm above my head without any pain. My neck also felt looser."

"You are supposed to have three treatments, so I went back for a second a week later. My shoulder certainly feels less painful, and I'm hoping that another session might help me put on a bra again without too much difficulty!"

During the second session Helen was smiling as she could raise her arm up fully. She then reported that she no longer had shooting pains down her arm.

When I saw her again she could reach up her back to do her bra!

Bowen is gentle and non invasive and Bowen tested shows that improvement can be gained without resorting to invasive treatment.

We know Bowen works!